Cancer Treatment

Certain advanced cancer hospitals manage cancer in an organ specific way, and accordingly oncologists are reserved for treating cancers affecting specific organs only.

Accordingly, oncologists have successfully treated breast cancer, head and neck cancer, gynecological cancer, orthopedic cancer, lung cancer, neuro cancer, and liver cancer. This section explains the types of treatments that are the standard of care for early-stage and locally advanced breast cancer. “Standard of care” means the best treatments known. When making treatment plan decisions, you are encouraged to consider clinical trials as an option. A clinical trial is a research study that tests a new approach to treatment. Doctors want to learn whether the new treatment is safe, effective, and possibly better than the standard treatment.

kidney Treatment

If your cat has been diagnosed with kidney troubles, or even kidney failure, there are some treatments available that can make her comfortable, and even prolong her life.

It can be very scary to receive a diagnosis of kidney failure, and the best thing you can do is arm yourself with information. Learning about kidney failure, and about kidney treatment options will help both you and your pet handle with her illness. The first thing you need to realize is that while kidney failure is not curable, it can be managed. This is a serious diagnosis, but it is not an immediate death sentence for your beloved pet. You can use a variety of feline kidney treatments to cope with her symptoms, and to help her feel better.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery helps the morbidly obese to lose weight by disabling them from overeating. This is done by making their stomach and intestines smaller.

Through Bariatric operation, the amount of food you can eat and digest is limited by changing the anatomy of your digestive system. For many who are fat with a BMI of at least 40 and others with a BMI of 30 and suffering from some serious medical conditions like diabetes, it is crucial that the bodyweight is decreased to a safe level. Bariatric surgery is intended to accomplish this. Bariatric surgery is a wonderful approach for obese people that are not able to follow weight loss program or exercise.

Knee Transplant

The knee is an integral part of the human body. However, the knee is more likely to be injured than is any other joint in the body.

Fortunately, medical science has introduced various knee replacement techniques that relate to joint replacement surgery, knee joint replacement treatment. Usually total knee replacement treatment is done for severe knee damages. Replacement surgery may be performed for other knee diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Patients suffering from knee related ailments can get this surgery done both as a partial or a total joint replacement. The surgery consists of replacing the diseased or damaged joint surfaces of the knee with metal and plastic components shaped to allow continued motion of the knee.

Dental Care

Many people usually neglect issues related to dental care such as taking good care of their gums, teeth etc. Dental care also involves treatment and prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums apart from the repair and replacement of defective teeth.

Your dental health team consists of you and dental health professionals. Together, you can prevent many dental problems from causing a diminished quality of life and potential medical complications.Cavities are painful places on your teeth where decay has eaten through the enamel and exposed a tooth's root. Hot or cold food or liquids can send a painful signal that something is wrong. Cavities may not have any symptoms until after significant damage to the tooth. This is why regular visits to your dental professional are so important.

Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue in the brain or central spine, that is responsible for proper brain functionality. Doctors refer to a problem based on where the tumor cells originated, and whether they are cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous (Benign)

When the brain tumor is suspected, a number of tests may be done to help the doctor reach a brain tumor diagnosis. These tests may also be able to help the doctor determine what kind of tumor it is. Some of the tests performed to first diagnose the tumor and later used to monitor progress- to see, if the tumor has disappeared, is striking, remains the same or has changed in the same way. The doctors, nurses, and other professionals give these tests can provide an answer, information, reassurance to help one feel more at ease.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has been around for so long that it actually has no traceable beginning. As far back as ancient Greeks and Romans there are depictions of cosmetic procedures occurring to fix disfigurements that occurred at birth, as punishment for a crime, or war injuries.

Of course, there have been constant improvements since the very first nose job, but the fact remains that for as long as there have been people, they want to look and feel their best. Cosmetic surgery was once thought of vanity procedures reserved for the wealthy and the famous. This is no longer true. With increased pressure from society to reverse aging and to lose weight, cosmetic surgery has been steadily increasing in popularity and accessibility. "Medical Advancements In Cosmetic Surgery" has made it accessible to any one who desires it.

Infertility Treatment (IVF)

It depends on the treatment method and individual under treatment. Treatment using fertility drugs can some times take several months before the results are seen.

If a surgical correction is done, in some cases conception happens soon after, while for others it can take several months. In assisted reproductive technology such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), fertilization of egg happens in a laboratory setting and the embryo formed is transplanted into mother's uterus, where it develops as a baby. The whole procedure for one IVF cycle can take 4 to 6 weeks and it would take another two weeks for pregnancy symptoms to be seen (if IVF was successful). Depending on if your doctor can find a definite scientific cause for you infertility, various courses of treatment may be offered to you.

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